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PillowTalk:"The Love He Has Shown Is Amazing"

November 20, 2019

They were at a basketball game in upstate New York. Gina was visiting from Connecticut. Steve was from New York. They were both there to support their kids or friends of their kids. They were routing against each other for opposing teams. Gina told me a little of their story when she called PillowTalk to make a dedication.

"He kept staring at me. I thought that was very strange." she said. That changed when Steve's serious attention about the game shifted to something else...her eyes. Then, he relaxed and started to smile. Later, Steve would catch up with Gina in the parking lot after the game. They talked for quite a while. That was the first conversation of many. They did a lot of talking by phone long distance, getting to know each other. Gina told me that her relationship with Steve was different than her previous relationships. 

"Ours was an emotional attraction to begin with, not a physical one", she said. "We talked about everything. Steve is a wonderful person. I truly love him. I'm thankful that he is there for me. We support each other." Gina and Steve have been married for 4 and a half years and now live in Torrington. She added, "The love he has shown me is amazing!"

This Thanksgiving will mark the first Thanksgiving that both sides of their families will be together to celebrate. Many coming from a long distance away. Congratulations, Gina and thank you so much for sharing your story.