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PillowTalk: Letting Go

August 31, 2019

Initially, there are so many great things about the relationship. You communicate well. In fact, you finish each other's sentences. The comfort level is like no other. You are willing to share anything. You have common interests. You like the same music. Your families seem to be cut from the same cloth. You get each other. Your sense of humor leaves you laughing together to the point of almost falling down..

Everything seems great but over time the relationship doesn't move forward for one reason or another. It becomes clear that no matter what effort you make or however patient you are, things are bound to sadly end for at least one of you.

We've all been there. That was the case for a PillowTalk caller on Friday night. Someone I'll call "Jordan" sent a message to someone I'll call "Kaitlin". Jordan's message to Kaitlin, "After 10 years, I hope you find what you're looking for."

I was asked to choose the song for the situation. I was told after the fact that it was the perfect song. Enjoy Phil Collins live in concert. One of my favorite but still bittersweet Phil songs.