Took Home All Of The Tupperware

February 2, 2019

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It was a workplace romance. Sort of. She was a nurse. He was a physical therapist. That's how Lisa and Steve from New Britain interacted initially.

Lisa wasn't too thrilled about the way Steve was being treated at work. So, when she left her job for another, she recommended that her new company hire Steve. They did. This time Lisa was Steve's supervisor. After following all professional protocols with Human Resources, she started dropping hints to Steve by bringing in food and puting the Tupperware containers in the fridge at work.

He would take the food and containers home. It seemed to her that it took Steve a while to get a sense of her feelings for him because after a while she was beginning to run out of Tupperware.

With all prior relationships in the past, they fell in love. Lisa's PillowTalk love message to Steve: "Happy 7th Anniversary. May there be many, many more.