PillowTalk: Emotional Birthday Wishes To Vegas

May 15, 2019



PillowTalk dedications for young and older, new and long established relationships on Tuesday night. Carol's voice cracked with emotion as she sent a long distance dedication to her mother Anna. Carol called from Ellington here in Connecticut. Anna, her mom lives in Las Vegas. Tueday night it was Anna's birthday. PillowTalk got the message across the country with the help of the RADIO.COM app. 

Carol's message across the miles, "Hi mom...in Las Vegas.This is Carol in Ellington, your daughter. Happy Birthday to you, and I love you very much. I hope you have a sparkling day and may God bless you." Carol asked that I play a song by Klymaxx. and she called back to thank me too.

Things are brand new for Heather and Ed in Old Saybrook. They discovered their interest in each other about a month ago. They met each other in school. Heather tells me that things are going very well. She wanted to thank Ed for being there for her. Her song is by another Ed who has been on a roll for the last several years.