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PillowTalk: Memories Come Rushing Back For Peg

October 6, 2018

It has been called by some "the perfect Steely Dan song". It was a perfect fit for Peg calling on the PillowTalk love lines to make a dedication.

 She told me about someone she has been thinking of. About Tom she said, "I've been going through a lot of photos lately and I have been thinking about him because I've seen photos of him and he was really dear to me. We lived in Acton, MA. I'm just thinking of him".

Does she enjoy listening to PillowTalk? "I love it, every night", she said. She likes the smooth jazz we play, especially Dave Koz.

If you want to watch what goes into making a great song, be sure to watch the video below. Breaking down the parts really does it for me. True sound painters at work.