PillowTalk: Late Night Romance Rush

May 3, 2019

PillowTalk finished on Thrursday night with a last minute late night flurry of dedications. All evening there was a vast variety of dedications across all platforms, telephone, email, instant message etc. So happy to hear that Reinaldo and his special someone, his wife in NewBritain have decided to regroup and give love another try. I hope this re-evaluation proves positive for lots of other good things to come.

Stacey in Weatogue reached out in search of Dennis. Stacey loves Dennis and misses him very much and asks in her dedication that Dennis please come home.

Marco in East Hartford called to reaffirm his love for his wife Katherine, the love of his life and he loves her with all his heart.

Join us tonight with your request and dedication and a chance to win free concert tickets.