Magic At The Mixer

March 10, 2018

Shirley and Harris of Sandy Hook were fixed up by mutual friends and met on a blind date. Shirley fell in love with Harris the minute she saw him and from what Shirley told me when she called PillowTalk,the feeling was mutual.

For their first date, they met in downtown New Haven and went to a college mixer at Southern Connecticut State University. They have been together for fifty years. Harris just celebrated his 73rd birthday and his wife wanted to wish him a happy belated birthday.

There was an extra hint of romance in the air as they lost power in Sandy Hook and were enjoying the love songs of PillowTalk on WRCH on battery backup. Shirley was enjoying a good book in the shadows of night as well.

They love PillowTalk. Thank you Shirley for listening and taking the time to share your love story with a phone call. The music and the moves are classic Temptations.