Michelle & Steven Sticking Together

It all started with duct tape

March 16, 2018

If I met someone in a store who I hadn't met before and the first thing we talked about was duct tape,  I think I'd be a little bit skeptical. But it turned out okay for Michelle of Hartford. She has been with Steven of Rocky Hill for four years now.

I asked her how the conversation started. I thought since they met in the hardware section of a local store, maybe he was giving her advice on a project or maybe she was giving him advice. 

She said, "No. We just started talking. I think the first thing we talked about was duct tape. I feel like he has been what I was looking for all my life and I'm glad he's in my life."

Michelle called PillowTalk to let Steven and everybody listening to the radio that she loves him soooooooo much. She said that they really don't have a special song for each other. So, we came up with one and now, Endless Love by Diana Ross & Lionel Richie is Michelle and Steven's song.

About hearing their song on PillowTalk, Michelle said, "Fantastic."