PillowTalk: Anthony's Long Distance Pipeline

May 30, 2019



It's going to be at least another three or four months before Anthony from Middletown is back together again with his wife Aida. They have been married for about 5 years.

At the moment Anthony is hard at work on a natural gas pipeline in Houston, TX. After a hard day almost immediately after work, Anthony turned to PillowTalk in Connecticut to stay connected as much as possible with his wife by sending a PillowTalk dedication. His message to Aida:

"Hi baby, this is your hubby Anthony I miss you with all my heart I wish you were with me. As soon as I can send for you or if you want to come on the weekend or you want to stay a week, by all means. I can't wait until we are together. If I get a pass or I get a weekend and can fly out to Connecticut, I'll fly out. I can't wait to get back to Connecticut to go out to dinner, maybe a movie and pick up where we left off. Love and kisses".

Anthony asked that I play Woman by John Lennon.