PillowTalk: Variety Spicing Up The NIght

October 30, 2018

I love all the different situations listeners are in and the various ways they express their love and affection. Here's a small sample of some recent love messages from the PillowTalk love lines. Sister love from Abby in Harwinton (no G in Harwinton) and her sister Madeline. Abby's love message to her sister: "My love will always burn for you like an eternal flame". We cued up a song by The Bangles to play for her.

Teri In Coventry sent a long distance dedication to her son Benjamin in South Carolina to let him know how proud she is of her son for a tough test he past recently. Teri requested a great song by Phil Collins.

Maddy called to dedicate a song to Dago in Hartford to let him know that she loves him very much. What better way to show it than with a McCartney love song.