PillowTalk: Along For The Ride

March 16, 2019

© Sergey Novikov - Dreamstime.com


One of my great joys of hosting PillowTalk is creating the opportunity for people to bond together while hearing their favorite song that I'm playing on the radio. We are all sharing the experience together.

One of the things I am most proud of, working Lite 100.5 WRCH is that parents AND their children can and like to listen to the same radio station. Something that was hard to find one or two generations ago. Last but not least our station is family friendly.

That was in evidence again the other night on PillowTalk when I got a call on the love lines from Abby from Granby. He mother Janet was driving with the radio on and Abby wanted to dedicate one of her favorite songs on PillowTalk. Abby  said that her mother is amazing. She wanted to thank her mom for always being there and for taking her on a lot of different adventures. Abby loves her mom very much. One of Janet's favorites is by Whitney Houston.

It continues to be a pleasure to share the experiences with you each and every weeknight on PillowTalk.