PillowTalk: Mom's Couch Potatoes

June 22, 2019

As you know music can touch us deeply getting to us in ways we sometimes can't even imagine. Young children can react to it naturally, spontaneously,without any inhibitions.

Ali from Burlington called me on the PillowTalk love lines on Friday night. Her lovely thick Southern accent indicates that she moved here just recently. We had a good laugh.

She told me this story about a song she used to play for her young children and their reaction to it every time she played it. They loved the song Band On The Run by Paul McCartney and Wings. Every time she used to play it her children Patrick, Abby and Emmy would come to life and jump from couch to couch to couch. A lot of times she would play other music saving "Band" for the end as the payoff and the kids would wait for it with anticipation. Don't lose that beautiful accent, Ali. Thank you for sharing a fond memory with us on PillowTalk. Experience a Paul McCartney concert in the video. There's nothing else like it.