Nana Jane Of Plainville Marks Proud Moment

Makes Announcement On PillowTalk

May 15, 2018

It's a joyous time. It's a once in a lifetime moment. When the telephone call comes and word spreads among family and friends. The family has increased by one. A new baby has been born. I was discussing that very thing with my brother when celebrating my birthday recently. What time was it? When did it come? Who was there, aunts, uncles, cousins? How did word spread?

Monday night it was Nana Jane from Plainville, a caller to the PillowTalk love lines. She wanted to celebrate her joyous moment by sharing  a PillowTalk dedication to her grandson Brandon and Brandon's wife Stephanie. They are the soon to be parents of their third child and their second son. According to Nana Jane, Stephanie "has been pushing since earlier this afternoon." She told me that they plan to name him Elliot.

Jane, thank you for taking the time to call at the end of a busy day. Best wishes to all involved hoping everything goes as planned.