PillowTalk: Do You Have An Affiliate In New Jersey?

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July 10, 2018

Rosie (as in Roosevelt) from Hartford reached out to me last night on the PillowTalk love lines.

The first thing he asked me was, " Do you have an affiliate in New Jersey?" The question sort of caught me off guard. I asked him to repeat it. He did.

If he made a PillowTalk dedication, how could his friend Angie hear it in Orange, New Jersey?  My wheels immediately started turning. I thought, " If Angie in Orange had the Radio.com app on her phone or any other device, she would be able to hear Rosie's PillowTalk dedication without any problems what so ever. I told him about it.

Until they download the app, Rosie said that he is going to have to play our signal over the phone for Angie to hear his dedication to her.

Rosie wants Angie to know that he misses her and that she is a very special person in his life.