"All You Have To Do Is Cook & Clean"

January 29, 2019

ID 103115109 © Edhar Yralaits | Dreamstime.com


Happy anniversary to Marie and Juan of Enfield. Marie called me Monday night as she and Juan celebrated 11 years since they met. They met in passing and apparently the sparks flew right away because they were attracted to each other.

Marie told me, "My place was a mess. He was more of a neat-nick than I was. I told him all you have to do is cook and clean".

It works for both of them obviously because they are still together all these years later. Marie's message, "I will always love him, no matter what."

Marie knows what Juan likes. "He loves Alicia Keys."

So, I played an Alicia Keys song for both of them. I also reminded Marie to tell Juan to watch The Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 10th because Alicia Keys is scheduled to be the host.