PillowTalk: Rena Celebrates Mom & Dad's Anniversary

June 7, 2019

GettyImages/Image Source

It probably is one the best PillowTalk dedications I've ever had the pleasure of sending out on Lite 100.5 WRCH.

Early Thursday evening, Rena from Glastonbury called me to celebrate her mother and father's 26th wedding anniversary. With a young open heart, Rena spoke for the rest of the family,: "Hi Dad and Mom. This is Rena from Glastonbury. I just wanted to say happy 26th wedding anniversary from me, Evan and Krista. We hope you have a love that lasts forever and we hope that  we can have a love someday that lasts just as long, forever as well. We Love You!"

It was so genuine and straight from the heart. Congratulation Steven and  Maria! Their song is the first one they ever danced to by Barbra Streisand.

As Jolanta from Canton told me on her way back from Reston, VA, " Isabella went to Virginia very shy, low confidence in herself. Isabella is an amazing artist, perfectionist. She plays guitar, she plays ukulele. She's also an amazing writer I made sure she had her brothers Brendon & Mathew her sister Victoria and her Dad. Her support was there yesterday. So we all made a trip even though it was tough cheering on Isabella. She's an amazing young lady. She has confidence now in her writing and she is going to start college in the fall."

Congratulations graduate and thank you Jolanta for sharing your story of determination. We chose a song by Lee Ann Womack.