PillowTalk: Mindfulness And Kindness Leads To Love

July 11, 2019

Is love right in front of us? How many times in our lives have opportunities to fall in love been handed to us on a silver platter. How many times have we let those opportunities slip away because we either didn't see it or didn't act on it? Thomas and Celeste from Waterford on the other hand were at Waterford Speedbowl several years ago.

They were in close proximity to each other when Celeste got a little nervous and spilled her beverage. Thomas was mindful enough and quick enough to replace her spilled beverage without missing a beat. With that act of kindness, that's how it all started for them. Last night was their first anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend. They chose to celebrate with a PillowTalk dedication.

Thomas loves Celeste very much and is so glad they met each other. Thomas requested a song by Marc Cohn. Congratulations to both of you and thanks for sharing your special moment with PillowTalk.