PillowTalk: Almost Inseparable From The Outset

Helped By Someone She Didn't Even Know

May 19, 2018

It was just an innocent night. Going to hear and watch a band at the Knights of Columbus Hall in East Hartford. Sue from Ellington just happened to be talking to a woman that she didn't even know. Sue must have been doing some people watching too. Sue said to the girl that she didn't know, " I like that guy over there", pointing out someone whose name turned out to be Peter. The woman, acting on what Sue had just told her, walked over to Peter and in a sense, played matchmaker by passing along her message that Sue was interested.

Peter and Sue ended up going the next night to The Big E in West Springfield, MA and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. They have known each other twenty-seven and a half years, married for 27 of those years. Sue called PillowTalk to thank her husband Peter for always being with her, putting up with her, and getting closer as they have grown older together. She loves Peter very much. BTW, Sue also mentioned to me that Peter is both an officer and a gentleman.