In Honor Of Her Mother-In-Law

November 22, 2018

PillowTalk dedications take on added significance during the holiday season. Mary from Manchester called me very recently while she was listening to PillowTalk. She was making a recipe for butternut squash inspired by and given to her by her mother-in-law Marilyn from  Bloomfield. As Mary was making it she kept her mother-in-law in mind.

I asked her what was so special about it that set it apart from the rest? She said, " It's the nutmeg and the combination of's the aroma, it brings back memories. I asked her what she would say to Marilyn if she could send her a message. She said, " I love her. I wish heaven had visiting hours.

She was also thinking about her boyfriend Jim hoping he had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here is one of her holiday favorites with a message for Jim.