PillowTalk: On Campus Romance And A Doris Update

She's On The Mend

May 12, 2018

I can't say I know exactly how the magic happens, but when it's meant to be, it's meant to be. Jack from Simsbury told me on the PillowTalk love lines it was love at first sight for he and Lilly. It was an on campus romance at Western New England University. They met a handful of months ago when he was walking across campus. He saw Lilly and said, "You are gorgeous! Would you like to go grab a beverage together? That was it. He called PillowTalk to let her know that he loves her very much and to tell her that he is not going anywhere. Marc Cohn's biggest hit is one of their favorites.

Mean while in Coventry, I recieved a call from long time PillowTalk listener Doris. Doris had a fall a while back. One of those " I tried to get around in the dark and I didn't put on a light" falls. At the time she told me that she broke several ribs. But, good news to report. She says she is getting around with her cane okay and there isn't any pain anymore in the rib area. That is great to hear. She said that  llistening PillowTalk has helped her through some very tough times. A song of healing from Barry Manilow is what she needed on Friday night.