PillowTalk: A Creative Quiet Place

January 8, 2019

ID 93580037 © Никита Буланов | Dreamstime.com


PillowTalk is a nightime companion to so many in so many different ways. That was so evident on Monday night from the variety of dedicatons we had. The mood was just right for taking down the Christmas tree, making quilts, reaching out to someone you miss and getting closer than ever before.

Dave called me from Danbury. It was a bitter sweet night for him.Even though he was thankful and appreciative, he felt a tinge of sadness having to take down his Christmas tree.  He said, "I know I have a lot to be thankful for and I wish everyone a very happy New Year!" He wanted to hear one last memory of the holidays by Josh Groban.

Babara from Terryville was working on the second of two quilts. PillowTalk gives her a moment of peace and solitude at the end of the day. She wanted to hear You Are The Reason by Calum Scott.

Michela from Enfield need to reach out to her dad, John who is on the road down south. Her dedication, " Dad, I really miss you. I love you and I'm thinking of you". Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle was her perfect choice!

And, Chris from Rocky Hill sent a message to his good friend Christine from Cromwell. They fell in love in first grade. It may have been puppy love then but it is a friendship that has lasted about 30 years.