PillowTalk: Helps Hospital Patient Take Next Step

Can't Say The "L" Word

May 17, 2018

Gigi from Meriden has known Bobby for about four years. Two years ago Gigi was in the hospital having surgery. Bobby worked at the same hospital and provided care for Gigi right after the surgery as well as a six week recuperation period that followed. During this time they developed quite a bond. 

Gigi told me," He did so much for me in the hospital and the day of my discharge he came to me with a single rose and he gave me his phone number. He told me to call him if I needed anything. I thought, what an awesome person. We became very very good friends. He's been there to help me through so many struggles. I just came into an inheritance and I wanted to give him a nice check."

Gigi called PillowTalk because she feels that she is falling in love with him but can't find the strength or bring herself to tell him.

"It's very hard because we have developed such a good friendship and the bond is there as friends. I'm afraid to let him know that I'm really in love with him. I want to let him know through PillowTalk that I think he's an awesome man and I'm in love with him".

We played my conversation with Gigi over the radio together with a song Bobby sings all the time by Stevie Wonder. Later in the evening I got a call back from Gigi. Bobby was listening. He called Gigi to let her know that he feels exactly the same way about her.

I just love it when that happens. Success!