PillowTalk Highlights Of The Night

Friends & Lovers Anxious To Celebrate

March 17, 2018
PillowTalk Highlights Of The Night

All kinds of great dedications on PillowTalk heading into the St. Patrick's Day weekend. Who better than Patrick of Avon to lead the way with a dedication to Christina in Shelton. Patrick can't wait to celebrate with her on Saturday and have a great time...Truly straight from the heart and a song by Lionel Richie. Megan in Farmington feels likewise and is ready to celebrate with Scott. That's what was on Megan's mind and a song for everlasting love from the Bangles. Nice to hear from first time PillowTalk caller Karen in East Hampden, MA. She loves listening to the variety of music we play on Lite 200.5 WRCH. She loves listening to PillowTalk. The mellow mood of PillowTalk helps her relax at night and her favorite newer song is Perfect by Ed Sheeran. We were glad to play it, Karen. Thanks for listening.