Your Favorite Things

November 30, 2018

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The moment she hears the song, it takes her back.

" I remember hearing Silver Bells by Johnny Mathis and to this day I can not hear Silver Bells by Johnny Mathis or by anybody else without thinking of Stafford Springs and how beautiful the Christmas decorations were to a little six year old".

Rebecca described the feeling she gets everytime she hears the song. "Oh God, just happiness. I started school in Stafford and that was my home. So, I guess it's that feeling of home, that's what that gives me. Home at Christmas with a little nip in the air and snow on the street. There's nothing like it.

She added, "It's fantastic that WRCH plays Christmas music beginning the day after Thanksgiving, it's fantastic, I love it! It makes me happy. And it's only on WRCH as long as you're playing Christmas music."

Thanks Rebecca for sharing your joy with us and the story behind one of your favorite things this time of the year. Enjoy!