PillowTalk: "It Will Make Us All Happy"

Eric & Lynette's Shared Responsibility

April 13, 2018

It's  been five years since I'd heard from Eric from Terryville with a PillowTalk dedication.

A lot has changed. Eric is now married to Lynette and they have a six year old daughter. Her name is a combination of her Dad's name and her mom's: Erinnette.

Eric explained, "As you can imagine, a kid comes into our life and we put our 100 % love into her. We certainly don't take away any of that from us. We have plenty of fun times. My wife is told that I love her, probably ten times a day, every single day along with my daughter. She hasn't heard a dedicaiton in a while and this will be a nice surprize. It will make us all happy."

Commenting on the Billy Joel song he dedicated, "It was one of our wedding songs and when my daughter was old enough to understand songs, we kind of danced together to this song, me, my wife and my daughter. My daughter is familiar with the song too and it will be something I hope she will always remember".

Thank you Eric for reconnecting and sharing your family update with PillowTalk.