PillowTalk: Keeping Family And Friends Close

A Weekend Of Memories

May 26, 2018

I hope you have a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend keeping in mind those who have sacrificed to keep us safe and allowed us to do what we do. Friday night PillowTalk was filled with great dedications and fond memories.

Kelly in West Hartford just found out that she has lost a good friend and wanted to play a song in his memory. It's someone she met through church who pretty much became a family friend. I played The Rose by Bette Midler as she was thinking of him.


Frank from Hartford also lost a good friend. He was an inspiration and a fine teacher especially for the young in the area of theater. Frank asked that I play a song by Gloria Estefan.

Helena in Hartford was thinking of her mother Maria. Helena and the grandchildren, Diane and Devon wish Maria a speedy recovery. They love her. A song by Josh Groban was one they requested.