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PillowTalk: Love Romance And Relaxation

November 9, 2018

There are so many ways that Lite 100.5 WRCH listeners use PillowTalk to relax at night and share the love. Here are just a few from Thursday night.

Connor from Middletown married his wife Amy right after he graduated from Middletown High School three years ago. He called the PillowTalk love lines to make a dedication to her on Thursday night. He told me that his wife Amy is so amazing and that he is so in love with her. "Words can't describe how amazing and wonderful she is", he said. The song he requested by Lonestar just might.

Samantha from East Hartford is now an adult but she told me that has been listening to PillowTalk since she was a little girl with her mom. One of her favorite songs of all time is probably one of the most requested songs of all time on PillowTalk, by Whitney Houston.

Trish from Bristol told me, "I love your station." Thursday was a long day and PillowTalk kept her company on her long drive home. A song by Journey helped her unwind.