PillowTalk: Love Lines Buzzing

Friends and Lovers Get Busy

June 13, 2018

Friends and lovers kept me busy on the PillowTalk love lines tonight...Bonnnie and Maurice from Plainville met on line and were married in Myrtle Beach. It's been 20 years and Bonnie called PillowTalk to let her husband know how much she loves him. Rod Stewart's version of Have I Told You Lately gets Bonnie's message across .

Pete from Franklin called to let Emily know that she was on his mind and he hopes to see her soon. You've Got A Friend by James Taylor lets Emily know that Pete is there for her.

It's been a while since Bob from Terryville has heard one of his favorite songs by Johnny Rivers. One that certainly makes the mood just right. We're glad to play it for you Bob on PillowTalk.