One Of Timothy's Favorite Things

December 4, 2018

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PillowTalk dedications came at me from all angles on Monday night. Many of them were all about family. Timothy from Newington reached out to his mom, Ilene from Farmington. He wanted me to play a song that was one she always played around the house at Christmas time when he was growing up. That song was That Spirit Of Christmas by Ray Charles. Timothy loves his mom and looks forward to spending the holidays together.

Mike from Granby wanted to play a song for his mother, Linda whom he loves very much and can't wait to spend the holidays with her. The song is a holiday favorite that made an immediate impact when we started playing it several seasons ago by Kenny Rogers and Wynonna.

Hyacinth from Newington had to get a birthday dedication out to her grandsons from Waterbury. Jamal was having a birthday on December 3rd and brother Lamar two years his senior is having a birthday on December 4th. Happy Birthday to both from Grandma Hyacinth. You are all she wants for Christmas.