PillowTalk: In Memory of Mom

And Other Dedication Highlights

May 11, 2018

Mother's Day is just around the corner. It's coming up this Sunday. Who deserves their own special day more than mom? Mary from Cheshire was thinking about her mother Cecilia who passed away in 2004. I asked Mary about the qualities that were unique to her mother that she would want others to know about.

Mary shared some of her mother's best traits with us. Her mom raised seven children. All of the children, grandchildren and her husband Johnny loved her and she loved them. She taught the family a lot about love through her example, how to take care of others and the importance of family. 

I talked to Mary about her feelings. We both agreed that as long as the flame of their spirit burns, the fire inside gives us the power to move forward. Hopefully the memories of Mom will never fade. In Mary's case, a big hit Simon and Garfunkel keeps her mother's memory alive.

Gayle from Meriden has been with Mike for seven years. She called PillowTalk to tell him that she loves everything about him and to let everyone listening know that Mike is a real sweetheart. A song by The Moody Blues is a favorite.