PillowTalk: Now This Is What We're Talkin' About

Six Months In And Looking Good

May 16, 2018

It was truly refreshing to get an enthusiastic call from Rebecca from Suffield. Not only does she love listening to PillowTalk every night, but things are going great for her in the romance department.

She told me on the PillowTalk love lines that she's done with the badboys. She met Stan from Vernon and they have been getting to know each other over the last six months. Stan took her to her first opera and she really enjoyed it.

She said, " He is kind and a gentle man. He is respectful and treats me wonderfully." He also marked a special occasion by taking her to breakfast. From what she told me, he sound like an interesting and knowledgeable guy.

Rebecca sounded really upbeat and happy when she called me to make her dedication to Stan. I wish them both nothing but the best and I hope things just keep getting better and better. Rebecca suggested a great song too.