Undeniable From The Heart

January 11, 2019

ID 128247247 © Maksym Fesenko | Dreamstime.com


A PillowTalk dedication is the perfect outlet for friends and lovers when passions run hot. Dell from Torrington spoke passionately about Helena from Waterbury when he called the PillowTalk love lines on Thursday night.

"Hi Helena", said Dell from Torrington " I just wanted to tell you that I have been really thinking a lot about you lately, how much I love you, that we're far apart from one another. You're in my heart at all times and I love you very much".

George Harrison's Beatles #1 was the only song that would do for Dell on PillowTalk and we were glad to do it.

John from Enfield called to make a dedication for his wife Susan in memory of her father, his father in law, John. They had been watching the movie, I Can Only Imagine. It brought back lots of memories about the man they were missing and they wanted to hear the song.

Kimberly and Mark from Vernon are back on track after going through a rough patch. They wanted to hear the love theme from a movie they know by heart and recite it's dialogue often, Titanic.