PillowTalk: Rekindled From Kindergarten

Long Distance From Rochester

April 12, 2018

Amy from Rochester, NY connected with PillowTalk on Wednesday night and shared her love story about Kevin. 

Amy and Kevin have known each other since both of them were in Kindergarten. Their friendship continued until they were about 14 years old. That's the last time they saw each other. Amy would marry someone else. Forever for Amy and her husband was not meant to be.

She reconnected with Kevin with the help of a mutual friend, Facebook and Kevin's sister as her marriage was coming to an end. Kevin was single. Amy and Kevin became good friends once again picking up where they left off. Kevin had told Amy that if he could have a relationship as a friend with anyone, she would be the one.
Amy and Kevin have been together this time for about 5 years. Amy told me that she is so happy that they have "gotten back on their road"  together.