PillowTalk: Still In Love With A Jersey Girl

Soon To Be Five

May 31, 2018

Mike from Huntingdon, MA told me that he met his wife Amy in Greenwich Village many years ago. He said, "We fell in love on the Jersey Shore. I married a Jersey girl. I just want to tell my wife that I love her very much. She would love it if you could play Etta James." Mike and Amy have been married for 39 years.

Also on PillowTalk on Wednesday night, Keith in New Milford says, "My lovely amazing wife Bekah and I are expecting our 5th child in late July! Another baby girl ! He wanted me to play their wedding song by Hunter Hayes.

Shawn from Enfield wanted to play a Barbra Streisand song in memory of his mother, Leila. He told me that his mother was familiar with everything Streisand and was a huge fan. If he could, Shawn would tell his mother, "I love you very much for ever and ever".