PillowTalk: Two N.Y.U. Students In The Same Key

Jane Missing Friend From The Old Neighborhood

May 23, 2018

Ian from Wallingford and Laura from Haddam met in the same piano class at New York University. To hear Ian tell it from his cell phone in the car, he said, She played hard to get for about 3 months". When Ian recounts this, I can hear Laura getting a chuckle out of it in the background. The song they requested was just perfect for a long overdue warm spring night. Summertime is calling with a song like Dancing In The Moonlight by King Harvest. His dedication fit as well and was quite romantic. His PillowTalk love message to Laura: "Meet me later tonight for a dance in the moonlight".

Another PillowTalk dedication: Alina from Newington was listening to PillowTalk in the car. She is from the Ukraine and currently is apart from her young daughter. She misses her daughter Suzanne and will have to wait another month before being reunited with her. In the mean time she wanted me to pick a song for her and let her know that she loves her daughter so much and misses her. A song by Martina McBride fits perfectly.

Jane in Meriden misses her good friend Tommy from the old neighborhood. She saw Tommy quite a while ago and believes he lives now lives in Vermont. She misses "all of the things we used to do growing up". Jane felt like hearing a Beatles song.