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New Year More Love

January 3, 2019

Phyllis and Aaron from Enfield have been friends for years. About one year ago Phyllis and Aaron began dating. A little more than a week ago on Christmas, Aaron proposed to Phyllis while sitting on the couch. Phyllis told me when she called in her PillowTalk dedication that she was "very surprised". Congratulations to both of them. That is really puting quite an exclaimation point on the year 2018.

Happy Birthday wishes went out to Mary from Vernon on Wednesday night's PillowTalk from her husband Robert on the love lines. Mary and Robert are just getting started and will celebrate their first anniversary in May. Robert wishes his wife a very Happy Birthday and wants her to know that he loves her very much.

Thanks for all the phone calls and the messages on Facebook welcoming me back to PillowTalk after a lengthy vacation.  Susan from New Britain said "I did a double take when I turned on my radio and heard your voice." Thanks so much. It's great to be back.