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PillowTalk: Seeking A Place For Peace

November 15, 2019

Given the events of the day on Wednesday, it was even more important to take a breath or two or three or ten, calm down and reconnect with our own reality and each other on PillowTalk.

PillowTalk is a chance to (as the Tim McGraw song says) "Love deeper" and "talk sweeter" with each other. PillowTalk dedications offer a chance to use the power of love to appreciate our own value and the importance of our connectedness with each other. To open our hearts and reach out with our arms and embrace those who are hurting or are lost and show by example a path out of the darkness and into the light.

Right out of the gate on Wednesday night, Lydia from West Haven requested a John Lennon song.

 Dorothy Ann from West Hartford sent birthday wishes to someone she holds in very high regard:


  "Hope you will be able to play a song for JANE of FARMINGTON after 9pm tonight on her 94th Birthday.
From:  Her lifelong friend Dorothyann of West Hartford.

MESSAGE:  Thank you for everything you are-your friendship, your kindness, your loving ways, your creativity and your intuitive spirituality.
Many blessings today and always.
Thank you for being in my life."

Happy Birthday, Jane from PillowTalk. Here's to your longevity. Thank you Dorothyann for your dedication.