PillowTalk: Proud Of His Wife

August 2, 2019

Joe from Rockfall, CT called PillowTalk to dedicate a song to his wife Kim. He is blown away by her talent and creativity. Apparently there is kitchen remodel in progress. Joe wanted his wife and everyone listening know what a great job she is doing designing a mosaic and the backsplash. Joe says, "It's awesome. She's doing a great job". He loves her and is so proud of her. I couldn't help but notice the enthusiasm he has for the work she is doing. His song by Restless Heart was a great pick. Haven't had a chance to play it in a long time.

Chris in Chicopee did it right. About 23 years ago, he went to his wife Nanny's parents for their permission for her hand. Then, when the time was right, he got down on one knee in front of the family and  proposed. He called Thursday night to tell Nanny how much he loves her and enjoys coming home to her. He expressed his pledge in a song by Bon Jovi.

Linda from Winsted was driving home on Thursday night and told me that she felt the presence of her late husband Tim. She loves him and misses him. She wanted to thank him for their wonderful 34 years together and 3 handsome sons. Her song request was by the Moody Blues