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PillowTalk: Suz Message For Son & Family

September 11, 2019

A note from Suz came from Facebook messenger to PillowTalk on Tuesday night:

"As this Mama preps to try to keep dry eyes at her boy’s upcoming wedding, I want to remind him & all of my children that they will never really be alone. I’ll be there physically when I can or in their hearts when I cannot be physically present. So can you please play “Never Alone” by Lady Antebellum? For Ed (soon-to-be-groom), Michael, Laura, & John from Mom Suzanne" 

It's a song that seems to make the phone ring every time we play it, listeners wanting to know the name of the song and the artist.

We also want to welcome J.C.. originally born and raised in Georgia is new to New Haven. She has been in Connecticut less than a month and plans to stay for at least the next  couple of years. The man she loves is Joe or as she refers to him as "The Bologna Sandwich"  "He's my one true love and I want to hear something soft and sultry". The song we decided on is by Anita Baker.