PillowTalk: Te Amo

June 21, 2019

It was one of those amazing phone calls that surprise me from time to time. It was Sharon calling PillowTalk from Miami Beach. Sitting here in Connecticut it really made me sit up in my seat. Sharon called me to make a dedication to her husband, Andres.

If the first part of the dedication from Miami Beach made me sit up and take notice, the second part almost knocked me over. The dedication was going to Andres listening to PillowTalk in Santo Domingo. How is that possible you ask? The simple answer is: RADIO.COM. They were both listening on RADIO.COM. From Miami Beach to the Dominican Republic.

Andres is a lawyer and his wife Sharon of 30 years wanted to wish him well in court on Friday and say "Te Amo. He has a big case," she told me. The song we came up with for the long distance dedication is by Whitney Houston.

Shawn from Enfield called us for the first time in a very long time. He wanted to thank his family for always being there for him. He said, "My daughter Danielle, my son Nicholas and my wife Denise have been awesome and I love them very much." He asked me to play a great song by Michael Murphey.