PillowTalk: Aruba Calling

January 31, 2019

Thursday night was a really fun night right out of the gate thanks to a request from Bill and Stephanie from CT. They were calling from ARUBA! while on vacation.  At the time they called, a little after 8pm EST, the weather in Aruba was 79 degrees and clear.

Stephanie told me that they were listening to Lite 100.5 WRCH on the RADIO.COM app. How easy was it to do? Stephanie told me, "It took us less than a minute. We just downloaded the app and that's it."

They were hanging out with two other couples with their "night Lite on". Among them, Mark and Michelle who we understand might be "tying the knot" in the near future. Bill and Stephanie will be wrapping up their vacation soon.

We played Nat and Natalie Cole for them and Ed Sheeran for Mark and Michelle.