PillowTalk: Winding Down After A Long Day

February 22, 2019

ID 85076902 © Tommaso79 | Dreamstime.com

So happy to hear from listeners what a godsend PillowTalk is at the end of the day. Lots of those listeners are very hard working and passionate about what they do. Many, work more than one job. Some because they have to, some because they want to. But it sounds like it's a relief to glide home to the sound of your favorite love song on PillowTalk.

Rebecca from Rockville is one of those. She teaches night classes. After she shuts off the computers and puts her lesson plan away, she puts PillowTalk on on the way home. Song of choice on Wednesday night? Faithfully by Journey.

Terri from Portland is another. She works in the health and safety industry and teaches some nursing courses too. Wednesday night all the way home she was thinking of her husband, Dale and their two children, Kyle and Shelby. She was in the mood for some John Denver music. So refreshing as you'll see in the video below.

Laura from Chaplin expressed what a lot of fans of The Monkees were feeling after hearing about the passing of band member and Connecticut resident, Peter Tork at the age of 77.

How did she feel upon hearing the news? "For a lot of people our age, he was our first love. It was a sinking feeling. A lot of us grew up watching the Monkees on television. Being so close he lived in Mansfield, which is not very far from where I grew up. Actually my mom was good friends with his father It's a very sad feeling. A feeling of loss.

Does she have a favorite Monkees song? "I like Daydream Believer because of his piano solo on that."

(Stay with the video. It has an opening "slate" follow by ten seconds of "black" for television before the song begins)