PillowTalk: Long Distance Love

February 26, 2019

ID 136462849 © Olga Skripnik | Dreamstime.com


Thanks to the RADIO.COM app and Facebook, we were able to get quite a few requests and dedications out long distance on Monday night.

Christopher in Norman, OK wanted to get a message of love out to his sister Linda with a song by Eric Clapton. Christopher sent all his love with a Clapton song he considers a "classic". It has special meaning for them.

Nice to hear from Gilly via Facebook coming to us to warm our hearts and minds from California, She listens to PillowTalk quite frequently and has roots that are planted in the U.K. That might explain her desire to hear a song by the Bee Gees.

A little closer to home, I was thrilled to hear from first time caller Claire (I love first time callers) from Manchester. She told me her very favorite song right now is by Dean Lewis.