PillowTalk: Efforts To Rekindle The Romance

July 24, 2018

Monday night was a night for making love connections or at least trying to rekindle former relationships.

Marisol from Farmington has known Cecil for seven years. They dated for five. They broke up for two years. Even though they stopped dating, Cecil hung in there and maintained a friendship with Marisol and her family. The good news is it seems like they are ready to try again. Time has shown Marisol that Cecil is her rock and that is one of the reasons she has fallen in love with him. She called PillowTalk to tell Cecil that she loves him and hopes it lasts this time.A song by Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting is just perfect for them.

Jonathan from New Haven still thinks about and is still in love with Darneau, a lady he dated when they went to Roosevelt High School in New York City. He told me that she is one of the most beautiful women inside and out that he has ever known. His love message to her is: "Wherever she is, he hopes that she never forgets him because he has never forgotten her." Jonathan wanted me to play a song by Eddie Money.

Matt from Farmington instant messaged me via Facebook to reach out to someone he has feelings for, Maureen from Farmington. He wanted me to send her a song by Alicia Keys.