PillowTalk: Not Phased By "Disaster Date"

February 9, 2019

ID 85845337 © Evgeny Krayko | Dreamstime.com


Most guys might be intimidated having to ask someone out a second time after the first date was an admitted disaster. Matt from Southington on the other hand, wasn't. He made the bold move by asking Sara out again, ten years later.

"We knew each other in high school for ten years and went on a disaster date".

To hear him tell the story now he seems so matter of fact about it.  "Kinda was meant to be. Ten years later, we are on another date and it was awesome and it just clicked. We just gave birth to a beautiful little girl, and everything is perfect."

They met at a private high school. How was he feeling after the disaster date? "It was funny. It's good to bring back memories. Every bad story is a good memory".

How did they reconnect and decide to go out on another date? "She commented on my status on Facebook ten years later and I decided to ask her out. I was like, it's not a joke but let's try it again and we haven't looked back since".

How did he feel when he took the bold move and asked her out a second time? "I was a little nervous and it was just as awkward but we laugh about it, that's how we connected".

What feeling did he get when she accepted the second date?"It was awesome. We both weren't looking for anybody really. I've had a crush on her since ten years ago and she's had a crush on me  Ten years later, it was like God had a plan. It was like it was meant to be."

What was Matt's PillowTalk love message for Sara? "I love her and I love our daughter and I would do anything for them."  Matt requested a song by Snow Patrol.