Simsbury High School Sweethearts Together Again

Reunite After 30 Years

March 13, 2018

She always thought he was cute. He was one year older and never gave her the time of day. That is until one day when Kathy and Jim were introduced at church by a mutual friend. It was one of those, "Don't I know you from somewhere" introductitons. Right after that Kathy and Jim started dating. The two students from Simsbury High School would date for about a year and a half. They then went their separate ways and both married others. They would both find themselves single again after about 7 years. They would reestablish contact and keep in touch over the years. In the last few months, the love they always had for each other has resurfaced and after 30 years they are about to try all over again.

Kathy from Simsbury called PillowTalk on Monday night to let Jim from East Hampton know that she loves him very much. The rest of the love message gets filled in by the song she requested by Michael Bolton. "Can I Touch You There." 

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