PillowTalk: Expressing Strong Relationships

July 4, 2019

The love lines are lighting up like fireworks in the sky so far this summer. Friends and lovers are expressing deep love and strength in their relationships.

Yaminni and Daniel both live in different parts of New York City and were together visiting Litchfield county on Wednesday night. Yaminni called to let Daniel know that she loves him so much. She is so thankful to have him in her life and can't wait to spend years together and see what they have in store. A Crosby, Stills & Nash song was the one that Yaminni wanted.

John has been together with Sharon in Plainville for about 11 years. John expressed so many great things about Sharon over and over again when I talked with him. He is so thankful for her. He told me that she has been such a rock in their relationship. There is nothing that she won't do for him and he loves her very much. Michael Bolton's version of When A Man Loves A Woman expresses his deep love for her.