PillowTalk: Beautiful Birthday Dedications

August 1, 2019

Right out of the gate on Wednesday PillowTalk was filled with birthday dedications. Andy from Enfield called with a beautiful message for his wife Nancy. "Tell my wife that I wish her the happiest of birthdays. She completes my life. I'm happy to share my life with her and share her special day", he said. One In A Million You by Larry Graham is the one that fits. 

Richard from Plainville was thinking of his mother, Sandra on what would have been her 71st birthday. He and his sister Tammy will always love her and are missing her very much less than six months after her passing. What A Wonderful World was one of Sandra's  favorites. 

Patrick from Collinsville called to sing the praises of his mother, Patricia who is a mother of seven and in her 90's. Patrick thanks his mom for being the best in the world. Coincidentally, he requested the same song as Richard. 

Tracey from New Haven can't wait to celebrate her daughter Megan's birthday this coming Sunday. Tracey loves her daughter and wishes her a very happy birthday. Tracey asked me to play, Over The Rainbow for her daughter