PillowTalk: John's Emotional Dedication

April 9, 2019

Getty Images/Deagreez


It was the sound of love in John's voice as it broke with emotion. He was trying to describe the love he still has for his partner of 52 years, Francis. They met at work at a manufacturing company that isn't in business any longer.

John says, " She hired me. We both loved to ski and we skied for 46 years". I asked John, What is the secret, the key to being married to your wife for 52 years? " He said, " Happy wife, happy life." The song that keeps it together for them is by Nat and Natalie Cole.

Ryan in New Britain called to hear a song that reminds her of good times. She remembers pulling into a parking lot in Hartford on a night out a half a lifetime ago. She had the radio on with this song playing and pretty soon the whole parking lot was singing along. Good memories of hanging out with good friends. And the artist who sings it is one of Connecticut's own.