PillowTalk: As Smooth As Cheesecake

March 26, 2020
PillowTalk Takes The Cake

archmercigod /iStock / Getty Images Plus


I've been thinking about this during pandemic isolation. Lots of time alone. Time to slow down. Have you found yourself eating more?...snacking? Yes, me too. I find myself making multiple trips to the vending machine during the course of a show.

I got this message from a PillowTalk listener for Meriden on Wednesday night. Jaritza wrote:

"Hey Dean. Hope you're having a good night. In the kitchen making a cheesecake and had to tell you how much I'm enjoying the music tonight". She was too busy baking to drop what she was doing and make a PillowTalk dedication. We improvised and played a song for her. Midnight At The Oasis.

Thanks to Lena, too who reached out from East Hartford. She has been dating Renato for ten years. She wanted to remind him how much she still loves him. A song by Journey is the only one that would do.